"My concept of home church before was to take this very big church and divide it into smaller parts. But now I can see it's different. It's bringing the home into the church. Bringing what we do in our own homes--our relationships with our families, with our sons, daughters, with our wives--we should bring that into the church, and begin functioning with each other as brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers, as Jesus said we are..."

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This site is about Lampstand Life in the Son of God. Life awakened by, empowered by, and encompassed by "the power that rose Jesus Christ from the dead" and set Him to Reign amongst and within His disciples, His Body... forever more. Whatever you want to call it: Lampstand Life, Together Life, Home Church, House Church, Home Church Movement, House Church Movement, Body Life, Jesus Life, Apostolic Life, Church Life, Early Church Life, "Community" (or "discipling group," "bible study group," "accountability group," denomination, nondenomination, small group, cell group, open church, organic church, kinship groups, ad infinitum)—if it's not all about JESUS, rather than lifestyle, then we are missing all that matters.

Journey with us in these discussions on three Continents, with church leaders, seminary professors, pastors, missionaries, teachers, homemakers, mothers, tradesmen, professionals, the very old and the very young. Here, Together, we'll see JESUS ALONE High and Lifted up.